2012-08 Comoren D64K

Last week a very nice DX pedition 
D64K Comoren Island 
Thanks to the fb cw-operators to have 4 qso's with PA2REH

 PA2REH - number 63 hihi

2012-08 WAE contest

Nice contest with a lot of activity. It was a big party en signals were bouncing worldwide. Unfortunatly, was not able to be 'fulle time' qrv. The weather was vy good so other things had some priority. Nice dx qso made with my Elecraft K2/100, HF9V vertical en 2x 3m dipole antenna.
Have made a CW qso with  ZL, VK, 9V1, JA, K, W, N, VE, LU, PY, CE, A65, E21, 3W1, 7Z1, D4, HD2, FM5, P3, RA0, T6, YE etc. etc. 20m and 15m band were performing okay.  10m was just 'to high'in frequency, but some rare moments to the Middle East and South America. 40m was a surprise for me and  was ocasionally very good to VK and E21. Thanks to all for those outstanding qso's.